Formación para estudiantes de Doctorado:

Charlas y seminarios IMDEA-UC3M:

30/01/2019 Suman Banerjee (University of Wisconsin-Madison) en IMDEA Networks The Roaming Edge
20/02/2019 Deepak Ganesan (University of Massachusetts Amherst) Towards Continuous and Unobtrusive Sensing of Health and Behavior
22/02/2019 Israel Herraiz (Google) You and your research…in the cloud
27/02/2019 Deepak Ganesan (University of Massachusetts Amherst) New Directions in Ultra-low Power Communication and Computation
05/03/2019 Raphael Zufferey (Aerial Robotics Lab, Imperial College London) Mobile robots, from gram scale to aquatic flying vehicles
08/05/2019 Ambuj Varshney (Uppsala University) Back to the Future: Enabling Sustainable and Ubiquitous Sensing Systems
10/05/2019 Jaime Llorca (Nokia Bell Labs, New Jersey) End-to-end service optimization and control in next generation cloud-integrated networks
29/05/2019 Joerg Widmer (IMDEA Networks, TAPIR-CM) LEAP: Location Estimation and Predictive Handover with Consumer-Grade mmWave Devices
05/06/2019 Ricardo Pérez-Marco (CNRS Paris) Double Spend Races
12/06/2019 Anna Maria Mandalari (Imperial College London) Databox as a Platform for Monitoring IoT Devices at the Edge
19/06/2019 Tobias Meuser (Technische Universität Darmstadt) Cooperative Offloading in Context-Aware Networks: A Game-Theoretic Approach
01/07/2019 Flavio Esposito (Saint Louis University) Orchestration of Software-Defined Infrastructures for Edge Computing Applications
04/07/2019 Andrea Munari (German Aerospace Center (DLR), Munich) Multiple-Relay Slotted ALOHA: Performance Analysis and Bounds
26/07/2019 Falko Dressler (Paderborn University, Alemania) Cooperative Automated Driving: From Assistance Systems to Networking to Human Interaction
24/10/2019 Daphne Tuncer (Imperial College London) Scalable and Adaptive Monitoring for Programmable Networks
12/11/2019 Nicolas Kourtellis (Telefonica R&D Barcelona ) Data management and modeling for improved system design and user privacy
14/11/2019 Walter Greenleaf (Stanford University) How Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Transform Healthcare
20/11/2019 Gianfranco Nencioni (University of Stavanger, Noruega) Myself and my research activity
25/11/2019 Henk Wymeersch (Chalmers University of Technology, Suecia) 5G Positioning and Mapping
26/11/2019 Joerg Widmer (IMDEA Networks, TAPIR-CM) Research Overview IMDEA Networks
26/11/2019 Claudio Fiandrino (IMDEA Networks, TAPIR-CM) Research on Wireless Networking
4/12/2019 Maurizio Rea (IMDEA Networks, TAPIR-CM) Smartphone Positioning with Radio Measurements from a Single WiFi Access Point
17/12/2019 Marco Canini (KAUST, Saudi Arabia) Scaling Distributed Machine Learning with In-Network Aggregation
09/01/2020 Matthias Hollick (TU Darmstadt, Alemania) Have You Ever Rebooted a Digital City? Introducing the emergenCITY Project
22/01/2020 Álvaro García Pérez, IMDEA Software Institute) Deconstructing Stellar Consensus
07/02/2020 Michael Carl Tschantz (International Computer Science Institute, California, EEUU) Empirically Grounding Models of Censorship
02/03/2020 Savvas Zannettou (Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Alemania) Towards Understanding the Information Ecosystem Through the Lens of Multiple Web Communities
03/03/2020 Jaya Prakash (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Suecia) Age of Information: Analysis and Optimization
05/03/2020 Yiting Xia (Rice University, USA) Improve Operations of Data Center Networks with Physical-Layer Programmability
25/03/2020 Serge Egelman (International Computer Science Institute, California, EEUU) Examining Privacy Behaviors of Mobile Apps at Scale – ONLINE
08/04/2020 Guillermo Suárez de Tangil (King’s College London, Reino Unido) When criminals are mastering the Internet: emerging threats and challenges – ONLINE
10/04/2020 Srdjan Matic (TU Berlin, Alemania) Reassessing User Privacy in a Hyperconnected Internet – ONLINE
29/09/2020 Nuria Marcos, Jose Carlos Erdozain, and Gabriel Castilla Penalva (PONS IP, España) How to Protect Software through Patents and Trade Secrets – ONLINE
13/01/2021 Antonio Fernández Anta (IMDEA Networks) CoronaSurveys: Using Surveys with Indirect Reporting to Estimate the Incidence and Evolution of Epidemics
16/02/2021 Yaxiong Xie (Princeton University, EEUU) The hardware and software design for a Cyber-IoT-Physical system – ONLINE
17/02/2021 Guillermo Ibañez (UAH) y Tobias Meuser (TU Darmstadt, Alemania) Roundabouts as Switches: Synchro [& Turbo] Roundabouts with Rotating Priority Sectors (STYROPS) for High-Capacity, Safe, and Sustainable Roundabouts – ONLINE
23/02/2021 Nikola Zlatanov (Monash University, Australia) On Three Research Problems – ONLINE
25/02/2021 Ali Ramezani-Kebrya (University of Toronto and Vector Institute, Canadá) SGD on Distributed Systems – ONLINE
01/03/2021 Ambuj Varshney (University of California, Berkeley, EEUU) Towards Sustainable and Ubiquitous Internet of Things: Sustainable, Scavenging Ambient Energy and Operating without Batteries – ONLINE
03/03/2021 George Kesidis and David J. Miller (Pennsylvania State University, EEUU) Overview of Adversarial Machine Learning (AML) with Applications to Network Anomaly Detection (NAD) – ONLINE
28/04/2021 Álvaro Feal (IMDEA Networks) Angel or Devil? A Privacy Study of Mobile Parental Control Apps – ONLINE
05/05/2021 Pelayo Vallina (IMDEA Networks) Mis-shapes, Mistakes, Misfits: An Analysis of Domain Classification Services – ONLINE
06/05/2021 Antonio Russo (IMDEA Networks) Chirotonia: A Scalable and Secure e-Voting Framework based on Blockchains and Linkable Ring Signatures – ONLINE
20/05/2021 Ilaria Chillotti  (Zama, Francia) Introduction to FHE, TFHE and Machine Learning Applications – ONLINE
09/06/2021 Nicolas Nicolaou, (Algolysis Ltd, Chipre) Let’s Work Together: Building a Robust, Consistent, and Efficient Distributed Shared Storage System for Large Data Objects that Promotes Collaboration – ONLINE
16/06/2021 Santiago Andrés (IMDEA Networks) An Empirical Study of Data Prices in Commercial Marketplaces – ONLINE
09/09/2021 Alejandro Ranchal-Pedrosa, (University of Sydney, Australia) Blockchain is dead, long live blockchain! Exploiting Accountability to Strengthen Blockchain Fault Tolerance – ONLINE
22/09/2021 Constantine Ayimba (IMDEA Networks, TAPIR-CM)  MEC–Assisted Platooning with Intelligent Controller Migration
06/10/2021 Dolores García (IMDEA Networks, TAPIR-CM) Machine learning for the physical layer design
13/10/2021 Kiril Antevski (UC3M, España) ONLINE How Blockchain can extend the remote-control range of a Robot while Machine learning is keeping it profitable
20/10/2021 Victor Sanchez-Agüero (UC3M, España) Multi-interface network framework for UAV management and data communications
27/10/2021 Giulia Attanasio (IMDEA Networks, TAPIR-CM) Characterizing RNTI Allocation and Management in Mobile Networks
03/11/2021 Aristide Tanyi-Jong Akem (IMDEA Networks) An Introduction to In-Band Network Intelligence
10/11/2021 Luis F. González (UC3M, España) Deployment of networking services in microservice-based UAV platforms: L2S-M
11/11/2021 Katia Obraczka (UC Santa Cruz, EEUU) An Internet of Things System for Timely Wildfire Monitoring
16/11/2021 Doug Leith (Trinity College, Ireland) Is Your Mobile OS Watching You? – ONLINE
17/11/2021 Alejandro Blanco (IMDEA Networks, TAPIR-CM) Accurate Ubiquitous Localization with Off-the-Shelf IEEE802.11ac Devices
24/11/2021 Nina Grosheva (IMDEA Networks) A performance analysis of cell-free mmWave networks
01/12/2021 Stavros Eleftherakis (IMDEA Networks, TAPIR-CM) Single Access Point Localization System
02/12/2021 Elena Fernandez (University of Zurich, Suiza) Time, Technology, and Globalization. A study of the role of technology in processes of modernization and globalization using the Press, Big Data, and Computational Research Methodologies (GLOTECH)
09/12/2021 Farzad Tashtarian (University of Klagenfurt, Austria) LwTE: Light-weight Transcoding at the Edge
15/12/2021 Oluwasegun Ojo (IMDEA Networks) Outlier Detection for Functional Data
16/12/2021 Andres Garcia-Saavedra (NEC Laboratories Europe, Alemania) Nuberu: A Reliable DU Design Suitable for Virtualization Platforms
22/12/2021 Leonardo Peroni (IMDEA Networks) Video-streaming research: an end-to-end pipeline perspective – ONLINE
12/01/2022 Sarmad Mir (IMDEA Networks) PassiveLiFi: Rethinking LiFi for Low-Power and Long-Range RF Backscatter – ONLINE
19/01/2022 Andre Zanella (IMDEA Networks) Impact of Later-Stages COVID-19 Response Measures on Spatiotemporal Mobile Service Usage – ONLINE
26/01/2022 Andrea Fresa (IMDEA Networks) Offloading Algorithms for Maximizing Inference Accuracy on Edge Device Under a Time Constraint – ONLINE
02/02/2022 Julien Gamba (IMDEA Networks) Trouble Over-The-Air: An Analysis of FOTA Apps in the Android Ecosystem – ONLINE
09/02/2022 Yago Lizarribar (IMDEA Networks, TAPIR-CM) Transmitter localization with crowdsourced low-cost SDR based sensor networks – ONLINE
16/02/2022 Francesco Spinelli (IMDEA Networks) Greening game sessions at the edge – ONLINE
23/02/2022 Leonardo Lo Schiavo (IMDEA Networks) Resource control framework for 5G vRANs – ONLINE
02/03/2022 Orlando E. Martinez-Durive (IMDEA Networks) Beyond Voronoi: Plain Probabilistic Spatial Coverage Inference from Base Station Deployments – ONLINE
09/03/2022 Stefanos Bakirtzis (University of Cambridge, Reino Unido) Machine Learning in Radio Propagation Modeling
16/03/2022 Anna Maria Mandalari (Imperial College of London, Reino Unido) Strengthening the IoT Ecosystem: Privacy Preserving IoT Security Management
30/03/2022 Serge Egelman (University of California, Berkeley, EEUU) Taking Responsibility for Someone Else’s Code: Studying the Privacy Behaviors of Mobile Apps at Scale
06/04/2022 Devriş Isler (IMDEA Networks) FreqyWM: Frequency WaterMarking for the New Data Economy
13/04/2022 Alan Collet (IMDEA Networks) LossLeaP: Learning to Predict for Intent-Based Networking
20/04/2022 Sachit Mishra (IMDEA Networks) Second-level Digital Divide: A Longitudinal Study of Mobile Traffic Consumption Imbalance in France
22/04/2022 Maurice Herlihy (Brown University, EEUU) Correctness Conditions for Cross-Chain Deals
04/05/2022 Falko Dressler (TU Berlin, Alemania) From Co-Existence to Resilience through Cross-Technology Communication
04/05/2022 Alessio Scalingi (IMDEA Networks, TAPIR-CM) A Framework for Spectrum Data Classification using Crowdsensing Platform
17/05/2022 Álvaro Feal (IMDEA Networks) Researchers at Schools: Privacy risks in Android applications
24/05/2022 Don Towsley (University of Massachusetts, EEUU) The Quantum Internet: Recent Advances and Challenges
08/06/2022 12th IMDEA Networks Annual International Workshop
15/06/2022 Tianyue Chu (IMDEA Networks) Securing Federated Sensitive Topic Classification against Poisoning Attacks
16/06/2022 Nicholas Lane (Cambridge University, Reino Unido) The Machine Learning Data Center is a Cancer: What is the Cure?
23/06/2022 Ignacio Castro (Queen Mary University of London, Reino unido) Who makes the Internet? A longitudinal analyses of the IETF
29/06/2022 Santiago Andrés (IMDEA Networks) Towards a Human-centric Data Economy
06/07/2022 Vittorio Prodomo (UC3M) Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning
12/07/2022 Dr. Alejandro Lage Castellanos (Universidad de La Havana, Cuba) Was mobility a good predictor of COVID cases in Havana’s first wave?
13/07/2022 Serly Moghadas Gholian (IMDEA Networks) Intelligent explanations for mobile network traffic predictors
27/07/2022 Arunabha Sen (Arizona State University, EEUU) Resource Optimization for Moving Target Tracking and Remote Sensing Using Minimum Flow Algorithm and Identifying Codes
14/09/2022 Leonardo Badia, (University of Padova, Italia TAPIR-CM) Impact of transmission cost on Age of Information at Nash equilibrium in random-based medium access
21/09/2022 Sai Pavan (IMDEA Networks) Signaling in PHY preamble for mmWave WLAN systems
28/09/2022 Jaya Champati (IMDEA Networks) Getting the Best of Both Worlds (IoT and Edge) using Hierarchical Inference
04/10/2022 Theophilus Benson (Brown University, EEUU) A decade of improving CDN performance and reliability
19/10/2022 Oluwasegun Ojo (IMDEA Networks) Scalable Outlier Detection Methods for Functional Data: Methods and Software Applications
21/10/2022 Tommaso Melodia (Northeastern University, EEUU) Towards AI-based Control and Orchestration in the Open RAN: Architectures, Algorithms, Testbeds
26/10/2022 Nikolaos Apostolakis (IMDEA Networks) Machine learning and reasoning on a 4G/5G MAC scheduling policy
02/11/2022 Michal Tereszkowski-Kaminski (Kings College, Reino Unido) Towards Improving Code Stylometry Analysis in Underground Forums
08/11/2022 Raj Sachdev (Penn State University, EEUU) Cybersecurity and Privacy Law for Smart Products and related Digital Marketing: US and EU Perspectives
16/11/2022 Aniketh Girish (IMDEA Networks) ImposTer: Towards an extensible privacy analysis framework for Smart Homes
23/11/2022 Mariella Mischinger (IMDEA Networks) Uncovering Hidden Pockets of Knowledge in a Multilingual Underground Forum
01/12/2022 Thaleia Dimitra Doudali (IMDEA Software) Building Smart and Fast Systems using Machine Learning and Computer Vision
9/12/2022 Joerg Widmer (IMDEA Networks, TAPIR-CM) Keynote: Millimeter-Wave Joint Communication and Sensing
12/12/2022 Andrei Costin (University of Jyväskylä, Finlandia) A decade of IoT/embedded firmware security – a vision stretching from large-scale offensive analysis to scalable defensive techniques
13/12/2022 Marius Paraschiv (IMDEA Networks) Quantum Computation and Quantum Communication – Introduction and Future Prospects
14/12/2022 Orlando Martínez-Durive (IMDEA Networks) Spatial Coverage Inference from Base Station Deployments
13/01/2023 Javier Bustos (NIC Labs, Chile) What we measure when we measure
25/01/2023 Amir Mehrjoo (IMDEA Networks) A new methodology to measure faultlines at scale leveraging digital traces
01/02/2023 Sergi Alcalá (IMDEA Networks) kaNSaaS: Joint Admission Control and Resource Allocation of Network Slices with Overbooking
15/02/2023 Allan Collet (IMDEA Networks) AutoManager: a Meta-Learning Model for Network Management from Intertwined Forecasts
16/02/2023 Srdjan Matic (IMDEA Software) Data-driven Approaches for Assessing the Security and Privacy of Digital Infrastructures
22/02/2023 Marius Paraschiv (IMDEA Networks) Quantum Networks: A stepping stone towards the Quantum Internet
23/02/2023 Eduardo Castello (MIT, Estados Unidos) Swarm Robotics: a new “swiss knife” framework for designing, modeling, and experimenting with networks
24/02/2023 Ivan Rapaport (Universidad de Chile, Chile) Graph reconstruction in the congested clique
06/03/2023 Sandra Siby (Imperial College London; Reino Unido) Protecting privacy through metadata analysis
07/03/2023 Juan A. García-Pardo (ETH Zurich, Suiza) Path Aware QoS Systems
21/03/2023 Antonio Rocha (Institute of Computing at the Fluminense Federal, Brasil) Predicting Customer Quality of Service and Classifying Customer Complaints of a Large Fixed Broadband Service Provider using Machine Learning
22/03/2023 Fadel Adib (MIT Media Lab, Estados Unidos) Sensing the Physical World in Unprecedented Ways
29/03/2023 Humberto Marques(Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, Brasil) Analyzing Mobility Open Data and Human Behavior on Online Social Networks for Creating and Improving AI Applications